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From: P.C. Luis Quiroz Ravines

Dear friend,
I'm about to reveal something vital to your success in your goal of losing weight without harming your health. There are many products and methods for losing weight in the market, but here you will discover a secret weapon to lose weight successfully used mainly in the Latin world.

  1. If you had a step by step guide for losing weight naturally, wouldn't you take action?
  2. Are you tired of trying a lot of things to lose weight and all your efforts have failed?
  3. Are you tired of reading about alleged cases of success, people who have lost 5 - 10 to 20 pounds in two weeks but you don't lose any?
If your answer is a solid YES, read on ...

Who am I?

I am a 71 year old Peruvian journalist specialized in Natural Health, and I sell my books to help poor children in my village.
Really I am not overweight. My weight is ideal: 2 kilos less than my normal weight. The problem was my sister and I started to look for a solution. I discovered some common natural products were used successfully in Peru and in other countries such as Mexico where used a food that had surprising results among overweight people.

I found hundreds of positive comments from men and women who in addition to lose weight significantly, they have improved their health, their high pressure, their skin and even their diabetes.

Some positive comments in Spanish and translated into English

Here are some comments found in

I started taking it and without diet or exercise I lost 3 kilos in 9 days. Never in the diets I've tried, I had those results. Every night I had to use the inhaler for asthma because with more than 30 kilos overweight I felt swollen and tight.

From Colombia

Hello, I started to drink the product in August 2010 and by January 2011 I had already lost 6 pounds without exercising.
It is good to try.

From Chile

Hello! I am a nurse and I am overweight. I have 2 weeks taking this product. In December I got analysis and I had a 97 mg/dl glucose. Yesterday January 23, I got another test and I have 70 mg/dl, believe it or not for me that is more proof than anything else.

From Mexico

Hi, My height is 1.67 and my weight is 104 kilos. A friend told me about this product and with 104 kilos of weight and 128 hip I began to consume it on February 14, 2012. Surprisingly on March 14, I weighed 99 kilos and 125 hip. Now my goal is to lose at least 10 more kilos.

From Argentina

TRY something NEW and Different

There are many products on the market for losing weight, but I have not seen one that combines proven natural products to burn fat with an enzymatic compound that can be purchased at any market.

Everything you need for fast and healthy weight loss is here and you can get it as soon as you read the end of the chapter.

And if you want a real solution to your problem of overweight, a fast, safe and natural solution.. my RECIPE is the answer.

If you apply the recipe every day, you will lose weight gradually and sustained. That's the healthy way to lose weight - drastic losses of 10 - 15 pounds a week, will only ruin your health and the "rebound" effect will be worse than the cure.

Why Weight Loss Peruvian Recipe..?

With "Weight Loss Peruvian Recipe" you will get a 53-page report in PDF format covering in detail my original method for weight loss, effective, sustained and naturally.

You will be able of:

Here what you will get with "Weight Loss Peruvian Recipe"

  • 1

    Abundant fiber and lecithin which will trap fat and prevent overweight in your body.

  • 2

    A double positive effect on cholesterol, for one hand it helps to reduce bad cholesterol and on the other hand will increase good cholesterol.

  • 3

    A diuretic effect which reduce belly fat.

  • 4

    A regulating effect of the blood sugar by increasing insulin and allowing less accumulation of fat in the body.

  • 5

    An enzymatic concentrate, which literally "burns fat", removes fluid, restores the function of the pancreas and provides stable amino acids to enjoy less weight and more health.

The surprising thing about this recipe is that all the elements are cheap, easy to prepare and you can find them anywhere, in markets, stores, etc.

What makes "Weight Loss Peruvian Recipe" special?

Before starting to write this letter I wanted to make sure I had not missed something important. I spent one year reviewing other methods for losing weight.

And after all, I can say today with pride


My "Weight Loss Peruvian Recipe" will guarantee quick results to anyone who applied it.
So, if you want to:

Then "Weight Loss Peruvian Recipe" without a doubt is your best solution

And that's it..
As soon as you enter to "Weight Loss Peruvian Recipe" you will have instant access to my recipe, buy the ingredients, prepare in minutes and start using it daily to lose weight gradually and healthily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pounds can I lose in a week ?

The results vary according to each person's metabolism. If you really want to lose weight try the recipe about 3 weeks and follow the additional recommendations.

Is it easy to prepare the recipe ?

Yes, anyone can prepare it, just use a blender.

Where can I buy the products of the recipe ?

You can find the components of the formula in markets, specialized stores, or buy them online. For one of the components we provide you with the address of a supplier that shipped worldwide.

What's the guarantee period ?

We offer 60 days 100% money back guarantee

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